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  1. Thanks for your reply DannR It's not the transaction, as much as it is the whole bank Reconcilation. Even when rolled back the whole reconcilation, when I go to do the next reconcilation it has kept the date from the rolled back reconcilation. For example I did the bank rec for 30th June 2020 and accidently left the current date in of the 2nd August 2020 , then I realise my mistake roll it back, but last reconcilation date is stuck on 2nd August 2020 and there doesn't seem to be a way to change that 😞
  2. Hi there, Some how I have entered the wrong date when last reconciling and I have Rolled back to Previous, but it hasn't taken the date out! Now I am unable to reconcile the bank account until after 2/8/2020. Is there a way of fixing this please?
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