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  1. Hi, everyone! Is my first time in the forum, so I'm excusing in advance if the answer is around there (I didn't find it...). Using VideoPad 8.33 here running in W10. I'm working in a project with many videos, all coming from different sources, but working super fine, smoothly, enjoying what I see in the preview. The problem is when I make a render to see how's everything going: some clips freeze, others disappear, others start then freeze. And is rather random. Sometimes does it, sometimes don't. Tried changing the output format, compressor, resolution and frame rate, combining them, and nothing seems to improve the response. Sometimes it does, sometimes doesn't. (I know for sure that, for some reason, it doesn't like 29.97 fps, for example.) Well, if you can enlighten me, I'll be glad. It would be so frustrating to start the whole project from the scratch maybe in another program. Or with another person... Thanks in advance!Chino
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