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  1. Long story short, hire a young and old priest and get the salt.. GOT IT!! LOL Using small low quality clips worked fine. Or has in the past. I changed the quality from med/low to high in SLOBS and since then has been an issue. But a hit or miss issue. Which is beyond frustrating because I never know if I file is going to be good to edit or not based on the programs mood. And considering the gopro files do it as well I'm just at a loss as to whats wrong. Sometimes a 4 minute clip works, sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes a 45 minute clip loads fine, sometimes it doesnt. I was even willing to
  2. The game/screen recording was recorded with Streamlabs OBS, though this happens with files created in any way. Here are the settings in Streamlabs OBS: https://i.gyazo.com/c8a48a8ad015b4aa50fcfb6cdae0c188.png The file type is currently flv but had the same issues when recording in mov and mp4 Which makes it even weirder since it's not just one source of video but 3 different devices. (PC, gopro, canon) I have other editing programs and putting the same files in them I get no problems at all. The video is fine, but i don't use those programs. The file you sent back goes into VP n
  3. Clear Unused Cache Files is used often. For this process after every instance I have to do this as I get the popup I'm low on space which is odd as it's not happened before and that folder has been emptied manually to ensure space. Toggled hardware Acceleration (It was on so i turned it off) - same results with artifacting. Update my drivers regularly and double checked to be sure via Geforce experience and their web site. All is current. Link to project: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/0buc1z5doqie6
  4. Sorry for another post, I am unable to locate my last one posted. I wasn't able to upload large files but have figured it out. Problem: I boot up VideoPad, wait for it to fully be loaded, go to video files, add my file, wait for the buffering blue line to do its thing, then play the video to watch in the program and it has this heavy artifact and smearing. Info: This happens randomly. It happens to .flv .mp4 .mov any video it will distort at random. I have nothing else running on my computer. JUST VideoPad. Videopad has been set to use graphics card via windows
  5. Been using video pad on and off and it's not been without its frustrations but whatever, it normally got the job done. Until now I used it on OK footage, twitch clips, screen records on low grade etc. I recently got a go pro and worked out settings for better screen recordings and now when I try to import the videos to videopad I get all this horrible distortion in the videos that is not there in the original clips. I got it 'fixed' once of a fishing clip of my dad but it took like 5 computer reboots and making sure my computer was running the bare minimal to function so it has as much process
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