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  1. Many times I need to tightly edit two takes, using the first part of one, and the last part of the other. My edits can be 'creative' and once I find the first I lose it looking for the second edit point. I would like a 'memory mark' that you can set, then go to the other and when you click on the out edit point, the action would automatically highlight back to the first edit mark. This would be especially helpful when using extreme zoom to find the exact editing position.
  2. I can and do, work for hours with no problem, but when I highlight a clip and copy and paste it to a new tab, BAM! WavePad 10.53 crashes! It just disappears. When I open it back up, it acknowledges that it just crashed and offers to restore my audio, thank goodness!! I have never lost a track from these crashes, but it is annoying. I have reported it to NCH Support and they sent a request for an FTP upload, but that system failed. I have used FTP many times even to my own websites, but I could not get the NCH FTP to work. I am trying a Beta version I found 10.58, and so far it has not crashed.
  3. Under 'Record' then 'Record Options' you will have at least one choice for your 'mixer'. If there is more than one (mine has two choices), you will have a drop-down box. With Windows 10 I see 'Windows Record Mixer' and "Master Volume'. The latter is the built in WavePad mixer. Whichever is active for you should allow level adjustment for your record in audio. This may vary in older versions. I am using Windows version 10.58 (a Beta version of WavePad.)
  4. Warning oldversiondownload dot com is a Trojan according to Malwarebytes Antimalware!
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