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  1. Thank you so much for responding, it is really appreciated. That is such a shame. How would the green screen part work then? oooh. If i record with the webcam in the desired place and a green cloth, then remove it, no that won't work either as there would be a gap behind wouldn't there? It is so frustrating, another program could do what I need, but my machine didn't like it. Basically, my son will probably be ok, but I will have to work on me. Thanks again. I will take a proper look at the manual when it arrives, but I was beginning to think it wasn't possible.
  2. Hello, I am new to Debut. I used to use another program but that is now unsupported and I had to find a new recording system, but the other program didn't do what I wanted. I had bought a different program which was brilliant, but didn't run properly so had to cancel it. I need to record my screen (check), I need to record webcam (check) external mic (check), greenscreen(check), but what i would also love to do, is record the screen and webcam - together but not stuck together. I want to be able to move the webcam around and sometimes delete parts of it. Basically I have terrible allergi
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