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  1. I use simple text overlay and edit it in the text editor. I've already tried copy/pasting the dashes, but it didn't help. No characters appear instead of the dashes – for example, when I try to type ?:!–()/—¨¨, in the clip preview it appears like ?:!()/¨¨ Normally I use Arial. I tried to use a different font, but it didn't help.
  2. When I try to type en dash or em dash (alt + 150; alt + 151), – or —, the dash won't appear in the video itself. Other symbols appear like they should be, but the dashes do not.
  3. I was trying to use it to censor some numbers, but the blurriness level wasn't enough to hide it properly and the other two options (pixelation and blacking out) doesn't aesthetically match with the shot very well. So, is there a way to increase the blurriness level in the Censor Effect?
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