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  1. My posts seem on topic to everyone but you. 'Off topic' to you because you were challenged to answer questions, and you will not, or can't. Your answer is crystal. It says more about you and NCH Software than anything else. You mean we can't tell the truth about our experiences with Videopad here. In other parts of the forum it's crystal clear that Videopad is full of bugs. You admit it. Are you also intimating that I am not a genuine user, I'm lying ? Try me. I'm sorry, apparently I'm supposed to wax lyrically and praise Videopad for you. How is telling the truth and sharing genuin
  2. @Bamz, cheers for the reply - I've had the dubious pleasure of Videopad for much longer. As a paying customer I'll say my piece: notice the admin staff haven't replied, so what does that tell you? I wouldn't touch Videopad with a bargepole. I'll have to start on Premiere Pro soon because I've a few videos to finish for customers. It's no use expecting Videopad 'Master Edition' to do the job or asking for support. About those Videopad problems and the updates we have to pay for - tbh I smell something fishy and I don't mean my socks. They say we learn from experience.
  3. Just spotted this post. Stop with the excuses already. I can assure you that if I pay for a product then it should work without problems, otherwise I'll consider it a breach of trust. "Upgrades are free for up to six-months after purchase" ; nothing "generous" about that at all. Does anyone pay for Windows updates because the software is always faulty? No they don't. NCH state a price and we buy Videopad - once. As has already been pointed out: we bought Videopad, we didn't rent it. So...paid or rented - which is it? When the software doesn't do its job, that's a breach of contract. When Video
  4. Videopad is definitely not worth the money; my paid version of Videopad now messes up every single export, and that includes dozens of attempts over a week. Speaking as a registered paying owner of the the so-called 'Professional" version: I have totally given up on Videopad and NCH Software. Failing to finish a customer's video for a week because of faulty software and extremely poor support, is disgraceful. How will I explain to the customer that his video isn't going to appear, because the software does not work? There are no answers here. We don't have time to waste uploading disaste
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