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  1. I believe pmcleanj explained his problem quite eloquently. There obviously is an issue rather than "there should be no issue". They simply want to use a microphone track instead of the camera recording, which should be a simple procedure in video editing and without having to buy upgrades. The 'solutions' offered here, do not help and they don't justify why a paid Videopad version fails to export a simple replacement soundtrack in a VP project. The procedure has worked for me, on and off, but it all depends on the myriad bugs affecting every version of VP. Are we buying a functioning one-off p
  2. Registration 40*8756-fvsvuw*q (two figures blanked) on version 8.16. It's coming up to one year since I purchased Videopad; it still crashes. Sure, I've been able to produce some quality videos with Videopad, but its constant problems - every upgrade - are not acceptable. One should not have to pay for upgrades to resolve faults in the Videopad software. In my experience, Videopad is not fit for purpose. No doubt the software is a fair price also considering we get free upgrades for six months, but it still hangs and it is still faulty. It's "Not Responding", it still exports videos
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