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  1. Thanks for the help you gave me but I still can't get VideoPad to work. Sorry but I found a replacement program. If I have to give a review on VideoPad I can say that it is a magnificent, intuitive and simple program and it is the best I have found. Even though I have encountered this problem I must acknowledge the beauty of this program. I had fun editing like never before in every moment. Thanks for everything, goodbye. If one day you can fix this problem contact me here: cristianbitti06@gmail.com
  2. I tried to install the 8.45 version that you linked to me, but not succeeding (it told me that files were missing and that I had to close the applications and then resume the installation) I tried to reinstall 8.63 (also during the installation of this last I get the same message). I can no longer install VideoPad, unfortunately I have to give up. Thanks for the help you have given me so far. I tried to close the applications and resume the installation, but I still can't complete it.
  3. Thanks but that project was just an example to show you. Anyway if you want here is a video that I recorded: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14hcDq8NGhZ452wGcLkvD344OvpTZT4Bz/view?usp=sharing. As you can see I use version 8.63, but when I press "play" to hear the movie I can only see that the yellow bars move under the video (it's very strange).
  4. Here ("C: \ Program Files") I don't have the folder "NCH Software". Audio still doesn't work. I am using the Italian version of the program. Maybe this version has some audio bugs?
  5. Thank you. Now I will try this way. In some videos I see the linear audio track (without any sound) and in others I see the waveform track but that does not produce any sound. Here it is. This is my project. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sV99Y-t-kGSUr7E9UW2Rk_cUABr9YEmv?usp=sharing
  6. Grazie per la risposta, ma questo link non risolve il problema. Ora sto riscontrando anche un altro problema: alcuni video hanno una traccia audio lineare. Aiutatemi, questo programma รจ il migliore che ho trovato. I was using version 8.53
  7. Hello everyone. In this period I have a problem with VideoPad: I can see the video but I can't hear the audio. I searched online and saw that it is a common problem. I also found a discussion on this forum (http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/22431-video-but-no-audio-whatsoever-resolved/), but I did not quite understand what the solution was to this problem. Could you help me? I'm not good at computer science, so could you explain the solution simply? Thanks so much.
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