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  1. Thanks Guru for your response...here is my story, In the Folder labeled "My Pictures" in Windows 10, I create my own folders into Which I place photographs in. I may have taken that image with my camera or I-phone, copied an image from somewhere or created the image in Photo Shop. When I ran Warp, all of the folders of images were whipped out of My Pictures. I restored my computer to a date before I installed Warp and I found all of my image folders were back in place where they belonged!! So next, I MOVED all of my Image Folders to an External HD and attempted to use Warp again and to my surprise my computer would not boot up!! I tried every Windows repair function and finally I was able to RESTORE the PC back to the preset date that I used before and I was able to open the computer and again I had my original content, What is Warp doing to my Registry that caused the computer to temporally die on me? I hope you can offer a logical explanation to what has happened... Thanks, Les
  2. Upon installation of Warp. I removed a check mark from a Box entitled Thumbnails. That was yesterday after the installation of Warp. Today, I noticed the missing photographs in the "My Pictures" fold. I then ran a "RESTORE" form Warp and it appears that everything is back to normal!! My question is: How can I run Warp and not have to worry about losing Image Files (photos)? I have just reinstalled Warp and I would like to run it again but I do nor want it to remove my saved image Files. Can someone out in the community HELP? Thanks, LGWW
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