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  1. No, that doesn’t work. I had already tried that with no luck, but I thought I would give it another try just for you. Only partial success I’ve had is playing a saved 3D mp4 file back through a Minix Media Player (Android), but even though the saving procedure shows that it will be saved 3840x1080, ie, HD side by side, but shows in the setup as Letterbox, that’s exactly what I get, the stereoscopic image works but it is crushed down to half height in the middle. I tried the other two options but they result in rubbish. What next?
  2. Right off the bat, after purchasing the full version of VideoPad, to see if it was going to work, I threw about a dozen 3D clips in, saved the project, saved as a 3D movie file (mp4), then exported as Blu-Ray Movie Disc (no option for 3D Blu-Ray Movie Disc!) My Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray player says “Disc Not Recognized” . Output settings for side by side, left image first 1920x1080. What’s wrong?
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