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  1. Hi Borate, thank you so much for your help. I'll send the link to my project to you. Just one thing, I can't find a 4:3 resolution on the export option - should there be one there?
  2. I'm finding my projects are taking AGES to output, much longer than they used to. And there's no difference with the type of project, or their size. It's a bit frustrating!
  3. I have formatted my video as 4:3, however, no matter what format/size I render it in, it comes out as 16:9. Why??? I need it formatted as 4:3. Surely, if it looks like 4:3 in the Sequence Preview, that's how it should end up when rendered!!!
  4. Hi there, I have a clip that was filmed in portrait but is to go into a 16:9 video. I have added a blank clip with a matching background colour to fill in the blanks on either side of the video. It looks fine on the sequence preview, but is missing every time I export. Help please!
  5. SuzC

    Track colour

    Thank you, yes I rename them, but the ability to change their colours would be great!
  6. SuzC

    Track colour

    Hi there, I'm using multiple tracks, and have been trying to change track colours but can't find a way of doing it. Help please?
  7. Hi Borate, Thank you for your reply. Yes I'm using v8.63. I've done some experimentation, and have found that as per your advice, when keeping the same resolution as the source file the text is displayed correctly. However, when I reduce the export resolution to very low (which I have to do sometimes to send the video to others), it's incorrect when Letterbox is selected, but is ok when Crop and Zoom is selected (which isn't always optional). So it's a bit annoying that what you see in the Sequence Preview is not always what you get. But at least I know how to fix it now.
  8. This is becoming very annoying. I've had problems with split screens not displaying in the proportions that I've set in the Sequence Preview when exported to file. Now, I'm adding text to a video (song lyrics), that look great in the SP, but are enlarged and truncated once exported. Why?
  9. Thank you! I'll have a go at that tomorrow.
  10. Actually I just answered my own question - use Scale. However, if I combine several split screen options - ie have one video in box B of Vertical 2, then two videos above it in boxes A & B of Grid 2x2, then I can get borders which look fine on the Preview Sequence, then don't work once rendered. Very frustrating!
  11. Hi there, I'm producing music videos with split screens, varying from 3 to 25 screens in one video. The Split Screen option is really useful, but it places all the videos with no gaps between them. Is there a way of putting very thin margins between the videos. I've tried using Scale and then H & V bias, which almost works in the Sequence Preview (but is WAY too fiddly for 25 videos), but once rendered, the videos are all over the place. Thank you!
  12. Hi Borate, thank you for replying. It must have been a glitch, as it's working now. I'm using the latest version, Pro 8.63.
  13. I have applied 50% speed change to a very short video, but when I export it, it's normal speed. I have followed exactly the instructions in the tutorials. Is this a bug?
  14. This really did the trick, and it's all working fine now. Thank you SO much for your help! Suz
  15. Thanks for your reply. I'm using VideoPad Professional 8.00, which I've only recently downloaded so it should be the latest version. When I use Match Monitor, it looks fine. I'll have another go and see what happens, thank you!
  16. Hi there, I need some help with videos with split screens. I have two smaller video tracks on top of a wider one, and they all line up - the outer edges of the two smaller ones with the outer edges of the bottom wider video track. However, when I export to a video file (.mp4), the top boxes move out of alignment. How do I fix this please? I can't use the matrix, as it only seems to have boxes of equal size.
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