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  1. I didn't know the effects would stay doing that. I usually don't move edited clips around too much so I thought the effects would be removed after moving the clip off the timeline.
  2. it took some time, but I found a workaround: My issue here was that I already had the clip I need on the sequence. effects are applied to the clip on the sequence only (there are no effects on the clip in the bin). Copying the clip and deleting the original would have caused the clip on the sequence to be deleted and the effects would be deleted as well. My workaround: Save the effects on the clip as an effect chain> Copy the original and paste it into the desired bin> apply the effect chain onto the copy> delete the original clip and replace with the copy on the sequence. This does raise a question though; why remove the option to just Right click>move to bin> Video Files?
  3. Unfortunately, that doesn't work when trying to move it from a different bin (eg. "new bin 1") back to the "video files" bin
  4. I updated videopad a few days ago to fix some issues I was having, After doing so, I noticed that when I make a folder in the "video files" bin and move a clip into the folder, I lose the ability to move it back. The "video files" bin isn't being registered by videopad for some reason. Gyazo link for image of the issue here
  5. I understand it automatically goes above other tracks. My issue here is that even when nothing is above the image/text i'm trying to place, if another track exsists above it, it goes there instead. An example: If I make 5 empty tracks, the text/image will always go to track 5 even when no other clip is present. Edit: I downloaded a newer version as suggested to me for another issue, and that seems to have solved the issue here as well.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to stop images and text clips from auto placing on the top track. There are times where I have six tracks for overlays. It's for an outro, I need 3 tracks for social media logos, and three more for text with links. When I do this, trying to add a new clip automatically puts it into the top track (or makes an entirely new one if the clip's duration causes it to go over another), even if I drag it to a lower one (eg. I drag an image to track 2, but it snaps to track 6 once I release my mouse button). This is an irritating issue to experience due to having to scroll up the timeline and drag the clip down every time I add a new one. This is especially irritating when the only time I really use more than 2 tracks is when I need a text overlay in a small part of the project and at the end of the video. TL;DR: Is there a way to stop text and image clips from automatically overlaying into the top track?
  7. Hi, I am someone who does a lot of frame-by-frame editing. However, for some reason, the recent versions of videopad seem to have broken "next/previous frame" buttons. for example: If I have the cursor sitting at 10:31.275 and I hit the "previous frame" button the cursor jumps to 10:28.275. Sometimes, it'll even jump to the very beginning of the sequence. There's seemingly no real way of knowing why this is happening either. I've been messing with going back and forth with only the frame buttons; sometimes it works as intended, other times it skips a whole clip, other times it skips back to the beginning. My only workaround so far is just to let it jump to the start then hold the button until I get to where I need to be on the timeline. Edit: I also want to add that if the timeline has processed fully (the blue bar below the sequence preview is full) it seems that playing the sequence for a second fixes this, but once I make an edit, I have to sit and wait for it to process again or risk jumping around the timeline.
  8. Unfortunately, it seems like the folder with the files is too large (apparently 14.2/15gb is too full for gdrive) What should i do from here?
  9. I know the green bar should be finished before sound plays (though sometimes it does before it's done) The problem is everything was fine in the editor until I reinstalled, now no audio wants to process (looking now, all video clips have been cached, but audio still has not). Version is 8.95 (according to the program list in the control panel). This particular video is just under 9 minutes long, but I've had little trouble with 20 minute long videos. I should also note that this now seems to be happening to old projects that I have been able to export before (I assume caused by updating videopad). Currently backing up files, will reply with a link when it's done.
  10. This seems like a random thing, but it does happen fairly frequently. I try to export a video and all it says is that it's processing the sound. I've looked around the forums and I used to be able to fix this by saving the project as a template, then applying it to a new one. But this doesn't work any more after I updated videopad (new project also gets stuck on processing). Note: before this I was also having trouble importing sound clips. They would import but never process so I couldn't hear anything in the editor. II found a workaround by importing the clips, saving the project, then force closing with task manager and opening the autosave. Edit: after reinstalling videopad I'm back to experiencing the issue where no sound plays in the editor because of processing audio clips (none of the clips are processing now either, even the ones that were fine before).
  11. As the title says, I have a long video file that I've chopped up. But everything from the first 3 hours has no video. The Audio plays fine, and both are working after exporting. This makes it hard to actually...ya know...edit the visuals. I've tried reimporting the file but it's the same everytime, and where videopad doesn't import trimmed clips properly, I can't make a new project and import it to that. Edit: I forgot to mention that the entire file was fine while I was going through trimming sections out, then I saved and closed the program. The problem occurred after reopening the project. Also, I just tried it: making a new project and importing the original file still has the problem. Fixed!: All I had to do was apply an effect to the clips. No changes necessary, simply having a scale effect on it fixed it. Seems to only work with scale though. If anyone else has this issue, hopefully this will help them as well.
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