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  1. I downloaded a newer version because I was having problems with the older I've been using for 3 years...something's not right.
  2. Why is it taking well over an hour to save an 80mb recorded file when it use to take less than 5 minutes... I thought I needed an upgrade..which I purchased and registered 4 days ago. Tonight I recorded my live radio show..but now having the same problem saving the file.. I've been using wavepad religiously for the last 3 years saving recordings of allm5 shows ..without any hitches ..just don't understand. Can I get a refund as this sucks.
  3. Why oh why is this wavepad taking so long to save my recorded file. Use to take no more 5mins to save an 80mb file. Now it takes an hour..just don't get it. I thought it was because I needed an upgrade.. which I purchased.. put in the registered code...still having issues.. Can I get my money refunded?
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