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  1. Hi, This relates to Inventoria 6.0 for MAC. I've used Inventoria for a few years now and as the business has grown I decided that it would help me if I was to start using the web access cloud option so I could check stock levels from home instead of always working late at the warehouse. I have a fully paid licence for the software. The version I had was 5.02 but it wouldn't give web access. So I upgraded it to 6.0 in the hope that this would solve my issues. Whilst I have been able to get the web access to work on a different MAC, the scanning side of selling stock has become rubbish. I can only scan 1 item at a time and its causing a lot of frustration with the way it behaves. I can be scanning several items out as sold to 1 customer and it just closes the selling stock page. If gone back to the original MAC in the belief that I still had version 5.02 installed and I would forget about the web access. But the software updated to 6.0 on that machine and the scanning issue is the same. I've paid for the top level of support and all I get told is to download it again and reinstall it. But everytime I do that the issue is still there. I've also noticed that when I delete the software and do another install, it loads up with all my products and data still there. Surely this shouldnt be right? I have deleted it from the Apps file every time. I now think that Inventoria is soul destroying. 3 months ago I though tit was brilliant. Can anyone help me?? If I could get it working where the scanner allowed me to sell several items at once to a customer and no web access, I'd be delighted. Thanks Jon ps I've emailed support again, but hoping they don't send me links for windows software as they have done before even though I've spelt it out that it for a MAC.
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