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  1. Hi borate today is 7/14 -- so had I bought on 1/14 it would be more than 6 months. since I bought 1/25 I stil have 10 days. The upgrade tricked me: It first showed $19.99 then if I select own download, it showed $0 then it charged $19.99. not good.
  2. Hi borate I checked back for a new version -- but NCH wants to charge me for the update. I bought VideoPad on Jan 25 2020.
  3. Thanks Borate, following your link I upgraded from v8 to v8.45 (not sure why I should save the old installer since it has a different ending) Should I have upgraded to 8.56 that is shown on the web as newest?
  4. under Add Narration (opens a window) lower right: File Audio Filename: (prefilled with My Audio) Save to: C:\..\Downloads (was prefilled with another reasonable directory that VideoPad could not write to) I now wonder whether the default install requires something more to enable VideoPad to access the directories it pre-selects. thanks for the file size tip: my point was that the 45 min lectures were all treated the same way (recording, running through VideoPad and outputting mp4)
  5. Thank you: the two chevrons were very well hidden and I would not have noticed (I am using a laptop) I switched to Option/Audio/[DirectSound] Default Playback Device instead of the default [DirectSound] Speaker/Headphone (RealTek... I noticed Record works (never tried that before) but not Add Narration (Record Sound over Video) -- I continue to get the same error : Unable to start recording...check device... with the Devices set to [Default Sound In] Windows Record Mixer. And there I found it!!! I changed file destination of My Audio to .C:\...Downloads;
  6. How does one include figures into this discussion thread so I can show you just how different my VideoPad Professional v8 looks? I only see a URL link. There is no Options button in my VideoPad Professional v8 header. My Sound (setting) looks similar to as you showed (I have W10, maybe you have an older environment?) PS: yes I am able to choose any folder, but should not have to edit and place mp4 into Downloads because VideoPad cannot access the Videos folder (since it is time consuming to figure out those work arounds)
  7. Hi Borate thank you for replying! I don't have a screen like the one you display: mine shows Menu,Home,Clips, Sequences, Effect, Audio, Export, Suite on top Audio has a red Record button: that opens a window: Capture from: Microphone Array (Realtek...) Input Channel Windows Record Mixer (I tried the other options to no avail) Voice recorder??? " Sound " "Test your Microphone" works properly. as mentioned: many other applications (eg zoom) work with the sound input without any hazzle and I would hate to have to do configuring of my sound setup
  8. I regulary zoom, so my mic is set up properly. videopad gives me "unable to start recording" very annoying I have a standard setup: realtek mic array, w10. I have now spent 1 hour trying to find out why videopad does not recognize my voice input for its "record" button and think maybe paying for this videopad software was not a good idea. But maybe there is a simple obvious answer?
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