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  1. Thanks for your extensive reply, unfortunately I don't appear to have phrased my question correctly as I simply wanted to know if you could add items to the below list. Thanks anyway - this lack of functionality together with one or two others make this program a non starter for me. That's 8 hours of my life (inputting data yesterday) and £39 I'll never get back 😧 Guess I'll just stick to another program. Deposit - Deposit income into this account. ATM - A withdraw from an ATM machine. EFT - An electronic funds transfer. Check - A written and numbered check. Purchase - Point of sale purchase. Transfer - A transfer to another account.
  2. Thanks for that, thought that was the case
  3. Thanks for that, I was kind of expecting that reply. Unfortunately, this particular lack of functionality is a non-starter for me. Well that's 8 hours of my life (inputting data yesterday) and £39.99 I'll never get back 😧
  4. Is there anyway to add transaction types such as Debit - Direct Debit - FBT (File Bank Transfer) etc.
  5. New to the program but can't seem to find a way to add a split scheduled transaction? For example I want to add a recurring transaction of expense to my utilities company and want to show the individual costs i.e. recurring utility bill is £100 split between cost of gas and electric
  6. Is there an option to view just Unreconciled Transactions
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