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  1. I'm new and using the newest version, but I find I still can't fade out at the end. My last clip is a blank clip with text. The X transistion button will not allow me to increase the 1 second duration (I want a gradual fade over 10 seconds.) So I added a blank black clip to take me to the end of the music in the audio track. But I still can't make the transistion from the text clip to the black clip longer than 1 second. Is this a problem with text clips? I have no difficulties with the transistion durations for video clips. And fading in and out of audio clips is easy. Can you tell me what I'm not doing to get a gradual fade out at the end of my video?
  2. Thanks. This looks like it will accomplish what I want to do. I'll try it.
  3. Thank you, I was hoping to be able to use a Ken Burns effect over a number of images in the way he did in his movie. I'll work on your suggestions. Thank you for the detailed instructions - I expect I may be able to accomplish what I want with what you've suggested. Bob
  4. I would appreciate any suggestions of how to better create effects across clips. I have used only pan & zoom, but I would like eventually to use other effects this way as well. I have been unable either (1) to put two separate pan & zooms on to a single clip OR (2) to extend a pan & zoom across multiple clips. So I tried the following: I created slideshow of 30 images with transitions. I played the slideshow, recorded it with Debut, and saved it as an mp4. I put the mp4 into Videopad where it seems to show as a single clip. My plan was to start pan & zoom in one image and end it in the next image. And then split where I want the effect to end to allow me to create another effect in the new clip. This didn't work for me - The effects seem to be restricted to the single images even though they are part of a single video. Can you suggest how I can put images together to allow me to run effects across images or to split large images into multiple clips to allow me to do this. Perhaps there is some way to use additional tracks to achieve this?
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