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  1. Worked a treat thank you. Much appreciated!
  2. Thanks MCGCS. I've located the 7.02 file where you said. Shall I just install it as if it were a new download?
  3. I have been the owner of 7,01 or 02 for some time and recently I was asked to update. You would normally do this with any software for security reasons so i accepted. Version 8 point whatever took over and treated my version 7 as a demo. I cant get rid of 8 and restoring from a backup wont work either. I wasn't told until after download that I would be charged a wonderful discount figure that's more than the original package. it's the end of the month and i cant send invoices from my brand new "expired demo" Accounting package. I cant get any reply from NCH either. How can i rollback this update? Any ideas?
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