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  1. Thank You So Much Sir....I Just Unlink Th Video And The Audio And Replace The video to my image...(I Love The Idea ...If The Problem Occur Again (I Will Do same blank video and unlink)...Thank you ,,thank you ,thank you so much sir!!1😃 Thank You Sir!!!... Love Your Help/Support LoveThe VideoPad Team!
  2. i uninstall the app and reinstall it but still the same but ... 1 thing i notice is every time i upload the file ---new each time the app(videopad) it take more or less audio from the audio file e.g 1st file (7 sec)------ video pad(6.917) 2nd file(7 sec)---------- videopad) 6.779) etc the mosts damn problem--- is ---i cant understand it is app problem or audio problem or both
  3. i will check.. a let you know...thank you so muc! Hello Sir...The Probelm Is Still Going On ...I Download my audio 3 separted times but still same problem.... + audio perfectly fine
  4. thank you so much sir thank u Thank you so much sir....but same error is occuring ....maybe there something error in the audio file i will ...check ..i will back....thank you ,tahnk you so much sir
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U8Ob7xlhxQq3DrxqLpAC-1ae7GZSPaEp/view?usp=sharing------ original audio https://drive.google.com/file/d/1laWGP1YhJdfWkarYKSH2HKqB7p8y1_hD/view?usp=sharing-----after uploading to videopad(videopad file) extras(incase)--https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WeQO9bZ8mOxs4CArU0jBSNRoe2dNI1cq/view?usp=sharing Side Note---The Audio Is Completely Fine!..but error in videopad (Maybe)
  6. Hello Sir! I Have Been Using VideoPad For Lat 6 Month...But Today i faced New Error... i was Upload A audio File In The Video of 7 sec and and milisec(i really dont how much..bcoz of video pad i know that) and video cut the last few sec/millisec from the audio please if possible can anyone help within few days...bcoz i want to upload a video to youtube so plz... i love video pad a lot ...and i didn't install other app also.i love video pad.....the best! my email---chessmaster674@gmail.com
  7. i have the same issue. I Have Been Using VideoPad For Around 6Month ....And Suddenly Today i Got This Error...Same Other Audio File It Work Fine ...but same it cut the end 0.5-1 sec.
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