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  1. I want to enter "piano, solo" or "solo piano" as the genre, but neither is in the drop down list, and Stamp does not allow me to enter text that is not in the drop down list.
  2. Thanks to those who provided advice. I've got it working now.
  3. Nationalsolo, I know I'm using images, not video clips, so I would expect setting start and end times to be easy. I can drag the left and right borders of the image thumbnail in the timeline, but that does not give me precise control of start and end times, down to a fraction of a second. Is there a way that start and end times can be entered numerically, instead of dragging?
  4. I am trying to set exact start and end times for images imported as clips. See screen shot at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pc35nORwVziQ0w5sRmAtUDgHjlIOXucO/view?usp=sharing The help file says "On the clip preview's timeline, the Start Time shows as a red triangle, and the End Time shows as a blue triangle." I do not see any triangles. "Alternatively, move the clip preview's current playback position and select Clip -> Player -> Set Clip Start Time or Set Clip End Time, or click the red or blue flag icon button." In the menu, Set Clip Start Time and Set Clip
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