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  1. Im trying to install the latest version, downloaded June 1st, 2007. Still see the same error!
  2. I'm still confused about the axon external line config. I am using axon 1.20 and the latest 3102 firmware 5.1.7 and still getting the failed to register errors in the axon log. "Server did not respond to register (sip:799@ Check server details for that line" My setup is working fine but I would like to eliminate the errors if possible. The external line config screen is different in axon 1.20 and I have tried different settings but the axon docs are not clear on how the use the new options. My current config can be viewed at: http://www.tadlock
  3. Express Talk install fails on pocket pc 2002 (HP Jornada 567). Complains about cab file being the wrong format. The system requirements section on the express talk page claims pocket pc 2002 is supported. Any resolution to this issue?
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