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  1. Hi. I'm new to WavePad and to MP3/WAV file editing and playback in general. I recently used WavePad to mix two files I downloaded from freesound.org. It was fun learning how to use WavePad to tailor and mix copies of these files into something that sounded pretty cool. The mixed file played fine on WavePad and on Windows Media Player. I bought a Flyrontech FN-BC04 MP3/WAV player/amp module from electronics123 and carefully followed the manufacturer's instructions to copy the .wav file I derived along with a few other .wav and .mp3 files from freesound.org onto a micro-SD card. I
  2. Hi. I’m a novice WavePad user. As a learning exercise I was attempting to create the sound of bubbling water in a pot on my iPhone by stringing several copies of a single bubble from the sound library together, selecting all, and then trimming the silences through the entire assembled sequence. As far as I can tell, no change occurred regardless of changes I made to the silence threshold. Perhaps I should have used the Join function? I then tried to trim silences from a single instance of a water splash sound from the library. While I could see that some silence had been trimmed
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