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  1. I know that, but it just kept defaulting to that one. After I submitted my problem to tech support, they said there is an update available that would probably help my problem...I took the update and sure enough, problem solved!
  2. We own a wholesale bait business. Each time we make a sale of bait to a business, I just do a "create new invoice" and the program is automatically putting the sale under COA#4910 (Bank Interest Revenue) and it is supposed to go to COA#4110 (Bait Sales). I have looked all over and I cannot find the cause. Each time we make a sale, I have to go into the General Journal and manually make the change between accounts. What am I missing? What do I need to do to make it work as I am wanting? Thank you.
  3. I also want the answer(s) to this. I installed the free version of Express Accounts and saw where it said the "PLUS" version offered/opened up more features. I sent payment, and everything appears to be the same. (expect maybe more businesses can be added, which I do not need at all) I was very disappointed with that, and have asked for a refund.
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