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  1. I made a few slide shows with Power Point, put them on a DVD and they visual quality is excellent. NCH needs to fix this problem. I paid way too much to have a program that I can't use.
  2. Express Burn will not let me burn a regular DVD as a Blu-ray.
  3. So are you saying you can only watch the slide show on a computer? I purchased a new DVD player because I thought the old one was out dated (slide shows are grainy). I have tried saving PhotoStage slide shows in every format, on both DVD and flash drive. No luck. The results are very poor quality.
  4. I've tried saving my slide show (PhotoStage) to DVD and flash drive in every possible format and the quality is terrible. I'm going to try to get my money back. Very disappointed with this product.
  5. I have PhotoStage and Express Burn by NCH, hoping to make high quality slide shows. I cannot burn a decent DVD. I have tried every possible combination and the DVD (even bought a new DVD player) comes out grainy with very low quality. I posted the slide show on YouTube and it worked fine. BUT I want DVD of my slide shows. Getting very frustrated.
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