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  1. Ok here it is. It is def a vpj file. It has those initials in front of all my folders. VPJ1.mp4 is what it says. What I did was select export video. I tried it to a dvd, I tried it to the usb and youtube. The only thing that worked was youtube. Also I have no idea how long sending you the video will take. I thought that after I went through all this stuff that I was done. I am over 40 hours trying to do this video and my nephews service is tomorrow. I am trying to send it the way you said but we will see. Also as far as I can see the windows media player doesnt do dvd. All I see is audio
  2. Houston I have a problem. So we took the dvd and thumb drive to the funeral home and neither worked. Apparently the music plays but no videos. And the thumb drive when connected to their computer would not allow files to open. I have searched this topic and it looks like the posts are at least 4 years old. The funeral is tomorrow. I have never had this type of trouble before.
  3. Thank you so much. What I ended up doing was adding the project multiple times to a dvd and to the thumb drive. Have a great weekend. Can't thank you enough. Pamela
  4. Ok so are you saying that a dvd player or a tv that uses my thumb drive would have to be set up for loop play? If that is the case I'm ass u m ing lol that the funeral home will have the type of player to loop. Could I put the project on multiple times in order for it to just start over and over? Thanks, Pamela
  5. Ok thanks to you I have a great video. Now I am trying to set it up so it will loop and play without restarting. Thank you so much for all your help.
  6. Oh my goodness that did it. It was the horizontal that I could not figure out. And I have no idea how it got that way. Thankyou thank you
  7. Ok thank you so much for your help. Some of these things I know and have used before. And I think I might have it right for now except...when in timeline view the tracks and music are not expanded so I can edit the music. I have looked in view, expand tracks etc. I think the save as often is a great hint. Thank you again.
  8. Ok so I have not exported the project yet at all. I am still editing. But now there are clips all out of order, the transitions are sticking and partially loading or whatever you might call that. I am not sure at all what you mean by letting the project cache fully...born in 1960, I do pretty well with tech but I am not great at knowing exactly what terms mean. I saw the green line above thumb nail comment but I am not sure what that means either. I do know what a thumbnail is though...I don't know what just happened with my comment so now I am over here.
  9. So I clicked on that and it doesn't go anywhere but I see something like older version from 05/2020? So I'm not sure if you like that version better? And if there is a way for me to go back? I did the cache clear and now I am seeing glitchy playback, like the transitions are getting stuck? Clips will divide into approximately 3 seconds and 5 seconds ( I have 7.1 seconds on each clip and a 3 second transition). I have a fairly new computer and I am running the latest in windows ...same version from the last two times I made videos. Definitely glitchy then too I just outlasted it and it wasn't t
  10. I have been working on my video for days (not my first I have actually done 3 video in the last 4 months besides this one)...and now there are just a ton of issues. When I am adding music it is adding a gap in the video. I close the gap and then the music has a gap. I close that and have been on that merry go round for a while. Now during play back there are clips that show up for a second or two that are NOT on the story board. They were in other areas of the video. So I deleted the clips in that area re added the clips and the same thing, the phantom clip is there. I even deleted the clip fr
  11. I have recently purchased this software. I have been using the free versions. I find it all to be a bit glitchy, however less than some others. Here's my issue. My audio files and the audio on my video files are endlessly processing. I have not had this issue before with audio files but I have never used video files. Help please.
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