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    Brief screen flashes

    So i followed the steps Elk suggested but it hasn't fixed the problem. The black flicker/glitch is similar to what sometimes happens when a programme crashes. Debut isn't affected - even if i'm recording - and the recorded file seems fine on playback, but the glitch is on the recording.
  2. J.D

    Brief screen flashes

    I tried registering the program but it says i need an ID-Key. The only code i have is a 7 digit license serial number which came with the invoice/receipt email, and which i'm supposed to enter online to receive the ID-Key. But i can't fine anywhere on the site to register the 7 digit code.
  3. J.D

    Brief screen flashes

    When i've got the Debut program open, every now and again i get a brief flicker where the screen momentarily goes black before carrying on and this will show up on the recording. Even if i'm not recording and the program is just open in the taskbar it happens. Once the program's closed, no more flicker. Thanks
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