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  1. Greets all, In Windows right click a DFX (Preset file) and select "Open with" then select "Choose another app". Then in the popup Window tick on the "Always use this app to open .dfx files" then browse to and select the DeskFX executable. Doing this SHOULD enable you to click a DFX Preset file and have the DeskFX program open with the clicked DFX Preset file open however it only opens the DeskFX program with no DFX Preset file open. Regards, Flavio
  2. Hi again Josh, Just thought I would add a new finding on this topic. Associating DFX files with the DeskFX program does not mean that you can click a DFX preset file and have the DeskFX program open with the clicked preset. Am going to open a new post on this in case others wish to add their comments. I will also add the suggestion to the "suggestion" link you provided. Regards, Flavio
  3. Hi Josh, Thanks very much for your reply. I guess I will associate DFX files with DeskFX as the solution. The only reason I would prefer to use a command line option is that DFX files can also be a AutoCAD filetype so I wanted to avoid associating the DFX filetype with DeskFX. I have just added the suggestion via the link you provided. Thanks again for your prompt reply! Regards, Flavio
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    I am wanting to open a specific preset and wanted to do so using Command Line arguments. Does DeskFX have valid command line arguments, specifically Preset file to open? I know I can set the default program for DFX files but I didn't want to use that method. Regards, Flavio
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