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  1. I haven't tried the CSV conversion because im not sure or don't have the program to do that. Ill do some research. Thank you
  2. I went ahead and erased all info in both programs and spent the day re-entering for the third time all invoices making sure to check the box to send info from express invoice to express accounts, which I did correctly. Both the checking account balance in express account and total for all invoices in express invoice matched. I then imported all info from express invoice and restored data from backup to express accounts, a which time the total amount in checking is different than in total of all invoices in express invoice, compared to express accounts. Sales tax collected dose not show any amount and the difference between total of all invoices in express invoice and the total amount in the checking account in express accounts can not be accounted for. A little help would be much appreciated. Found the error A receipt got lost in the back-up file had to re-enter manually
  3. I recently installed express accounts after using express invoice. How do I import the journal entries to express accounts from express invoice. As of now I have tried the import function but it dose not enter the data to the journal and the balances in the chart of accounts seem wrong to me, as an example, not all of the general sales are showing in the checking account some are showing under accounts receivable even though all invoicses show paid in express invoice. General sales don't match total assets and some are showing under historical balancing any help would be appreciated
  4. There is a refund for customers but not suppliers which is needed.
  5. Is there a way to import or transfer specific files from express invoice to accounts that will make journal entries such as payments received and generals sales. I have already enter data to accounts and would like not to have to re-enter purchases and such. also im having problems with balances not matching between the programs.
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