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  1. strange. I am still seeing this behavior, and yet to files do convert and work just fine.
  2. If queue a number of files small number, nothing large, say 2 or 3 The program seems to give that error on at least the 1st file, every time. And yet, at the same time, the file appears converted and fully intact. I am converting to MP4 with MPEG4 compression 96k audio, 25fps default video bitrate setting files being converted are AVI and WMV They seem to actually be converting fine, so the error is confusing. I am not sure if prism creates a log where i can get further detail?
  3. I guess mostly because i did not know about prism. I will look at it. As i am not actually editing, as long as batch conversion in it will automatically keep size as original, like video pad, it might be the ticket EDIT This looks promising. Though i just realized, i will probably use both. I have some vids that due to the max file size limit on older windows versions, some movies were digitized in multiple files and videopad will let me stitch those into 1 normal file
  4. Yea that is kind of what i was doing, just more time consuming than batch. I would not mind it defaulting to h264 if it did not bloat some of the file sizes greatly. No need for a 6gig or more end result from a VHS capture, there is not 6 gigs of audio or video quality to them. I had one that had been digitized in motion jpeg, and it wanted to make that 14gigs by default with h264 mpeg4 was like 360mb for identical settings, as identical as the 2 can be anyways
  5. Can you change the compressor in batch conversion? i can change type and pick .mp4.avi etc but i could not find a way to set the batch to use mpeg4 as the compression method and i think it defaults the h264? which makes much larger files at comparable bitrates to mpeg4 what i am doing is taking a bunch of movies that were digitized from VHS tapes at various different times and wound up being in various different formats, avi mjpeg wmv etc and standardizing them so they simply work on most anything. Nothing will enhance the quality as they were dubbed from VHS, so the larger
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