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  1. When I do the above it only gives me choices of downloading stairs or a 3D Model. I want to download lots of interior items such as lighting, plumbing, electronics, appliances, furniture, misc. How do I do this?
  2. Where do I go to download DreamPlan items for the interior?
  3. Two questions:

    1.) In 3-D mode, why can't I paint all internal walls facing one side or the back of a house I've designed, while I can paint the other sides of those same walls?

    2.) Also in 3-D mode, I can't place floors in most of the rooms of a house I've designed, while in some I can. Using Draw Path, I keep getting the message "The path point is invalid. Points must be in a room and the path cannot self-intersect." I am in a room and there are no other path points. Does a room have to be totally closed in? That wouldn't make any sense because there has to be openings from room to room.

    I would appreciate any help.
    Joe Martin

  4. How do I create a landing part way up a flight of stairs?

    1. JoeDMart


      Actually, I want to have some stairs to go up to a landing, then have some more stairs go up off of that landing at a right angle to the stairs coming up to the landing and going up to a second landing. From that second landing, I want some more stairs to go up from it at another right angle to the stairs leading up to it. This final set of stairs will end when they reach the second story of the house. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

  5. How to install a mantle over a fireplace?

  6. How do I hide the Trace Drawing from 2D blueprint house design?
  7. Thanks, but I want to specify the length of a wall to the nearest fraction of an inch. This is very difficult to do by dragging the mouse to locate the ending point of the wall. Thanks for your help.
  8. Is there a way to specify the length of a particular wall in free draw?
  9. Is there an on-line User Manual for Dream Plan Home Edition with a way to look things up by just entering a word or phrase? I appreciate your help.

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