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    Hi Fred28, When musicians are recording in the studio, they often make mistakes or simply don't like a brief moment in an otherwise great take. Instead of re-recording the whole track, which would waste time and also lose the brilliant moments on the take, the engineer sets up a "punch-in." Actually, its full name is "punch and roll." Don't get too distracted by the name, because it dates back to when tape was still used in the studio. That said, every engineer I've worked with over the past 15 years -- young or old -- in fully digital studios still calls it a punch in (I'm in the U.S.; m
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    Hi everyone: I searched the forums but found only one post addressing this topic from 10 years ago. Here's my issue: I'm a musician with a lot of professional studio experience. I downloaded Mixpad to give me a space in which to record ideas and demos. Some of it is well done and intuitive -- much more so than Audacity, for example -- but I can't for the life of me find out how to punch-in. This is one of the very basic functions of any multi-track recorder and I can't believe that this company could possibly leave it out. I just need to punch in to fix a small error on a track. Can anyon
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