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  1. For some reason, Wavepad keeps switching the output between my laptop speakers and my headphones. When I go to Preferences => Audio -> Sound Play Device, I can toggle between Headphones, Default Playback Device, or MacBook Pro Speakers (I'm running IOS 11.1/Big Sur). Whenever the computer goes to sleep or I close it, Wavepad defaults to the Macbook Pro speakers, on high volume. I've seen reference to an Options menu unter Tools, but it doesn't appear in any of the dropdowns. Any idea how to change the default playback device to Headphones in Wavepad version 12.47? Thanks!
  2. I first opened a support ticket on this issue on June 7th and a second on June 14th. No response yet other than an autoreply saying the requests had been received and suggesting that I buy Tech Support if I want priority service. C'mon guys -- this is a fundamental issue!
  3. Help! Wavepad is eating up all the memory on my Macbook! I have a 2019 Macbook Pro with Catalina iOS and 512gb memory. Evidently when I load (or save?) a file into Wavepad it creates a bunch of files in my Macbook's Library->Application Support->Wavepad directory. After loading and editing a dozen mp3 files of 45-90mb each, the Wavepad directory now has an astonishing 54+ Gb of files -- that's over 10% of my hard drive's capacity! The culprits seem to be files with an .aud suffix -- 21.aud, 4.aud, 37.aud, etc. Some of them are over a gig apiece in size -- much larger than the original files I'm working with. Has anyone else run into this?
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