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  1. On the shadow function. https://youtu.be/J0YRsbnI9c4
  2. I recent upgraded from V8.63, and have found some curious bugs in the effects menu for 8.77 The Shake function appears to not fully work. It will render a shake for a second at the start and a second at the end of the clip, but that's it. I have heard disabling the hardware m2 setting fixes this though... The Hide Effect mask dialogue box is entirely missing. When you click on the icon in the effect settings, it appears in the side bar, but you cannot access it to set its shape or parameters. The Add effect mask works fine. The shadow effect appears to have lost the ability to c
  3. I have been using Videopad for several years now, but never the issues i'm experiencing with version 8.45. I also have a new PC, Ryzen 7, 16gb 3200 RAM, 500GB SSD M2, so I know it's not the power of the computer. Firstly, sometimes Clips freeze during the editing after making effect changes. My moving a parameter, the clip can return to normal. Secondly, rendering a video often does not complete, and cuts the video short or creates a frozen video. I recall this happening on my old PC a few times, but put this down to a lack of power. I make quite complex videos, but nothing that Videopad
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