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  1. Photo_Bomb yes I too have that problem and have updated in past. Problem goes away. I'm not sure it isn't designed into UPDATES. Well no fix other than update and pony up for more $$$. Sorry I'm looking elsewhere NCH. One time payment should be one time payment. Once bitten twice shy. @Photo_Bomb even monkeying with the shutter speed did not "Fix" the problem for me. @borate what makes the latest work when older was working fine up until a week or so ago after release of NEWER VERSIONS? Hmmmm
  2. Make sure that you have your input audio set to speakers for audio for DEBUT in the settings.
  3. Josh,  

    Does NCH have any offering for time management software?  I'm looking for something like "Time Doctor" but would like to have one time fee like NCH offers on its FABULOUS PRODUCTS.  Here is link to Time Doctor Description.  Thanks in advance. https://www.capterra.com/p/129984/Time-Doctor/#pricing

    Maybe it is a function of personal finance software on the site or invoicing software,  have yet to check.

    Thought you'd have a faster answer on this.

    Thanks in advance.  Also TY for advice about manuals.



  4. TY N_C_H_josh SUPER ANSWER my friend. To add to that you can then change out expressaccounts for any other NCH software you need a "manual" for. I did notice however that with many of them they are a bit cryptic, but I don't mind. Anything is better than nothing. Thanks again. Really like the NCH brand. UPDATE: And now I see why. Admin Josh... Really TY loads. Saved me a bunch of video watching in the future. You know with the crazy low NCH Pricing scheme it would be interesting to have a TOTAL NCH Package plan available too. Where you get a discount on license for Using
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