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  1. Hi, i just purchased the home edition and now realised there is really no Lyrics capability. Ta ta ta ta.... Rgds,
  2. Hi there, For the past two weeks or so I have been practising with the FREE version, and really getting to appreciate the product. However, when I wanted to move on to the lyrics there is no Lyrics Menu. But my mind was all made up that after I have the lyrics sorted I will be on my way to the bank to write up that cheque. Was there a bug, or is the missing menu the purchase code?;-). Appreciate some advise please. Monise
  3. Thank you very much Fred28, I was able to have the stems point in opposite directions automatically (or by default) using Voices. I am only interested in choral music. So I had V1 for Soprano, V2 for Alto and so forth. All was great till I got to where the different Voices progresses at different intervals. This throws the measures alignment to go into disarray. I dont know whether this problem (non-alignment of notes) was caused when I try to insert the rests. So my question re the rests, when do you insert them, after the notes by measure, or at the end of each Voice etc? Anot
  4. Sorry, I wanted the two beams facing in opposite directions. cheers
  5. Hi there, New to Crescendo and trying to get a feel for it using the free version. I wanted to ask this same question but looks like there has not been a solution. I wanted the beams where two parts / voices are on the same pitch. Like Ms Hartley I can't find Tony DeVoe's self discovered solution 'Stems in the menu and bars above and below.' Thanks,
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