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  1. Hi Everyone, I am so glad I decided to bring my project to this forum for assistance! You folks have offered such thorough advice and insight that I feel much better equipped to tackle similar projects in the future. As Nat pointed out, this style of project is a growing trend in my field and I hope VideoPad will continue to evolve with that in mind. A larger range of grid options would certainly have made this a less complicated task. In the end, I created three separate videos. One for the leftmost 6 boxes, one for the middle six and another for the rightmost 6 boxes. Six at a time seemed to be the most my computer could handle without boxes flickering and disappearing. It was then fairly simple to layer those 3 videos on top of each other. The finished product looks quite professional with only the slightest imperfection in the grid layout. Thanks again for all of your help. This will be a very special part of our school's virtual graduation ceremony! Brownigloo
  2. I'm preparing a video of my school's Alma Mater for a ceremony in a few days using 18 different videos overlaid. The main issue is that the exported file plays back audio but there is no picture. Additionally, some of the overlaid videos flicker during the play back preview. I've tried exporting to both mp4 and mpg file types with both variable and constant framerates. I've exported other (less complicated) videos in the past without issue. I'm using VideoPad professional ver 8.23. I've included a DirectX diag report in the portable project folder. Any help would be really appreciated as this project means a lot to our graduation ceremony! Portable Project: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RFcXgmyMp1o6e30hZh2bWmSdLrddnN6d?usp=sharing
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