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  1. Basically i am making videos 2 -10+ hours long for youtube, relaxation type. Some videos are maybe only 20 secs long so i continue dropping and dragging clips down building to 2 hrs etc. Thing is due to around every 20 secs end of the original length of the video then there's a jump .or movement. Sometimes there is a smooth transition and i get away with a no problem video when i put a fade in at regular intervals. This method is quite demanding as it is tiring to the eyes and after a while boring. Can this be done in a more simpler easy way. Thanks for any help, Nat. Lee
  2. Hi i am struggling to resolve a problem i have with my long videos. Some are hours long relaxation type videos for youtube. They are from original 20 seconds to a minute or so long. I have noticed that the jerkiness is the same length the video ends as it moves onto the extended clips each time. Transitioning using fade in doesn't work. I am relatively new to the editing game and really would appreciate some expert or more experienced person to show me how i can get out of this conundrum?
  3. I am a complete novice with editing videos, but i am slowly learning on photo pad editor. I am struggling, trying to find out how if possible to make still image videos and moving videos that are from say 2-12 hours long from short scenic videos, stills. I want to do these for You tube. I do the usual draging images into the timeline and copy paste them but this is such a slow process when i want to do hours long videos, is there an auto system for this or anyway i can speed up making the video longer in quicker time?
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