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  1. I've had this for years and just got on with it as I am usually just trimming silences of the start and finish, but I now have a similar problem in the latest version of VideoPad when working with audio so have come on here desperate for help. Did you get any answers?
  2. I've just downloaded, installed (and paid) for the latest VideoPad as my previous registered version was going all the way back to 3.7 or something and missing a lot of features. Its been difficult to get accustomed to the colour and layout change, but they are gradually becoming manageable. What is not workable though is the sound syncing. It lags! Its nearly impossible to place audio where I want it (by ear) when adding extra sounds as they do not sound correctly in the preview. I can visually line the waveform up with where I want it to sound, but unless I press play preview from that point
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