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  1. Ah, thank you. Also, I found that if I shrink the preview mode that it will play smoother. For example, lift up the timline/sequence bar (where the video tracks and audio tracks are). I hope that makes sense and helps.
  2. I also got a new laptop with a more powerful cpu and graphics card and the video preview quaility is just terrible. I have the latest update. The audio is good, but the video lags and is out of sync. Also, the link Borate posted doesn't work.
  3. I have the latest update and I have tried it in clip review and sequence review and it still snapshots several frames ahead.
  4. For some really weird reason, taking a snap shot is not working. I'll find the perfect frame for a picture, then I right click on the frame in the sequence review, then I click on "Take Snap Shot Of Clip", then I click HD 720 (1280x720). But instead of the perfect frame, it takes a snap shot of the frame that is several frames ahead of the one that I am trying to take. Any advice?
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