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  1. Great! I do in fact see data there, so that's a really good sign. Thank you!
  2. Hi, Josh, thanks for getting back to me. This doesn't seem to be the case: Please see the attached image URL, which shows Express Accounts running, and the NCH Software directory as empty except for a "Components" directory (which is itself empty.) If it matters, I am running the trial. https://imgur.com/a/9jGOQB2
  3. Hi, I'm evaluating Express Accounts for usage on Mac. The help page here says "Express Accounts stores data in the following location: Library/Application Support/NCH Software/ExpressAccounts". This does not appear to be true. Can I get an updated answer to how I can scrap my existing data completely and start over? In addition to the above, I've noticed the other following issues: • You can never delete the first company you make from the UI • As near as I can tell, deleting an account is impossible - I created a liability/credit card account with no transactions, nothing in the journal, tried to delete it, and am told that I can't delete it because there are transactions in it. Also, as long as I'm here - what exactly is the launchd service installed by the app installation (com.nchsoftware.expressaccounts.agent) doing? Help on any or all of these issues is welcome, but the first issue - where exactly is it keeping my data? - is the priority. Thank you!
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