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  1. This is for overlapping wave files produced from within a plugin, without recording the other tracks you're listening to. All within your DAW, make sure that you have two output channels, in waveform 11 this means deselecting treat as stereo channel pair. Then set the default wave output as the one you do not record, I chose output 1. Each track output will be set to default output, ie track 1, so when you want to record set the output on your recording track as track 2'. Now for input, again you will need two, so deselect stereo. In record mode I set input 1 as default and so it says don't make recordings from this device and input 2 as overlay newly recorded clips onto edit. Now select input 2, on the track you are recording. I think the basic principle applies to most DAWs. Or at least I know it works with the audio device type Windows audio. Also, you will need to have the plugin loaded on the track you are recording, and then you will have to remove it before playback Good luck.
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