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  1. Hi, I bought a video pad in February or March. For 6 months, I have been updating this software without losing the license. I have recently updated to the latest version but it has been over 6 months now. What has caused that if I want to continue with a license, I have to buy it. At the moment I am in the option "domestic use at home". As I cannot pay and want to get the license back, I would like to go back to the previous version with which I was licensed. It's possible? How is it done?
  2. Hola, hace 8 meses compré un videopad con licencia, gasté unos 150 euros y recientemente actualicé el software a la última versión disponible. Mi sorpresa es que al instalar la última versión, la licencia ha desaparecido y se ha convertido para uso doméstico. ¿Cómo puedo solucionar eso? ¿Cómo puedo volver a la versión anterior para poder recuperar la licencia de uso profesional? No quiero gastarme más dinero en este sotware.
  3. I have tried the first option ... and fixed the problem. The preview is already seen. Thank you very much for the advice.
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sYjR4lRGl9gHEkia_y1Ueyu33ENhQ06F https://drive.google.com/open?id=10pLaWbS0J7opsb3uD_3NoVkT-u8qzqbw Here I provide the links in the screenshot. As I explained earlier, the preview does not appear. I have updated to the latest version that appears in Spanish. Since the last one really only comes out in English. Since I don't understand the English language. I am communicating with you through the google translator.
  5. Yes .. I mean the large Preview windows, either Clip Preview or Sequence Preview. Anyway, I have verified what you have advised me and the result is that I have it well selected, in time line mode. For more information, the version of the video pad software is v.8.21. I bought this software recently. But I don't think it's a newer version issue or not. Since the super simple sotfware of windows(movie maker), you do not have any problem of that nature.
  6. Hello, I recently bought this software. When I run it and add any video, I have verified that the preview only shows in frames. And it is not a problem of the capacity of my computer since I have tried adding low resolution videos that take up little space on the disk. I also don't think it's a formatting problem since the simple windows "movie maker" sotware has no problem showing the preview. I have seen normal video pad explanation tutorials and here it is seen how the preview works correctly. I do not understand why I am only shown in frames. What is the cause of this problem?
  7. Hola, recientente he comprado este software y al ejecutarlo, he comprovado de que la vista prévia, sólo me sale en fotogramas. No creo que sea un problema de la capacidad de mi ordenador, ya que lo he probado poniendo videos de poca resolición y que pesan poco en disco y pasa exactamente lo mismo. Osea que he pagado 134 euros por un programa que no se muestra la vista previa. Cosa que si que hace el editor de video super sencillo llamado movie maker de windows,¿Que es lo que tengo que hacer?
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