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  1. Thank you, Fred28. I will send feedback.
  2. I have 2 dance lessons on my VHS tape. Between these two recordings is a 30 second gap which Debut interprets as disconnected audio and therefore stops recording. I see that there is an option to ignore unplugged audio in Screen Capture but not on Device capture. Just in case, I made sure that the box for Screen Capture was unticked, but Debut still stops the recording if the gap exceeds 11 seconds. It would be great if Debut had a user definable length of time before the recorder shuts off. But for now, is there a way that I can get Debut to ignore the gap?
  3. Thank you, TECH Support. I have the EasyCap model and was able to find my device in Webcam just as you mentioned above. Unfortunately, the frame rate is 25 fps MJPG. I was hoping for 30 fps. I will see if I can find another EZcap 116 model which I am currently using on one of my computers with Debut 6.14+ and am having great success!
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