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  1. On 22 April I logged a support ticket describing that SoundTap wasn't working and gave all relevant detail. On 5 May I received this reply "We apologize for the delay in responding to your support request – we have had a high volume of inquiries recently. If you still need support please reply to this email without changing the subject line so that we can re-open your ticket and provide you with assistance as soon as possible." They can RE-OPEN the ticket? Why did they close it? I asked them to re-open it. On 21 May I received an e-mail asking me to uninstall and re-install. I explai
  2. I've downloaded and installed SoundTap V6.03 on my new Windows 10 laptop. It doesn;t seem to recognise any audio stream at all. Nothing I try works - all it says is "Waiting for an audio stream to record". Sound is pouring out of my speakers but SoundTap doesn't recognise it. I logged a support call last week but silence since. I came here looking for help but other users are reporting the same thing. Sorry people but it looks like SoundTap just doesn't work. And support is non-existant. Don't waste your time (and definitely not your money). NCH seems to be asleep at the wheel.
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