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  1. Thank you Borate, Problem is solved with this update! Download is completed. It was indeed on a reversed clip that it stopped. Just 1 more question, at an other point in my video i also have a reversed clip but the speed is 1.5x , is it possible that the program can't handle this or is it my computer, cause the clip just freezes at that point. Again thank you very much for already helping me!
  2. Hallo, I made a video in Videopad and was very excited about exporting it, after trying a couple of times it stops exporting at 8.5% everytime for no reason. At first i didn't have a license wich made me think this was the reason why it stops exporting after sometime. Now i bought the program (home edition) thinking this would fix the problem.. but it didn't. If i go to the exact time in the video where it stops exporting, there's nothing special wich may cause the program to stop exporting. Can someone please help me with this problem? Thanks in advance!
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