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  1. When testing the sync of video and audio in a file I noticed that Videopad 8.32 uses a strange frame rate. The video edited has a constant frame rate of 25 fps, but when I stepped frames in editor Timeline window one by one, I noticed that the frame rate seems to be approximately 30.3 fps. In other words, I would expect that the time for one frame would be 40 ms, but it is 33 ms. Why? Is it possible to change the frame rate in editing to be the same as the frame rate of of the edited video? Anyway, when exporting to 25 fps, everything was all right in the exported video. The total timing was OK. VideoPad seems to solve the difference in frame rates by duplicating approximately every 6th frame in the Timeline window. In the exported video with frame rate of 25 fps, however, every frame is different. And in the test I also noticed that the sync of video and audio had a bit suffered in editing. By delaying audio by four VideoPad frames they were in sync again.
  2. Hi again, borate The solution you proposed certainly works if one can afford cropping the video. But this would not be nice e.g. in the case of cutting heads off. I found a workaround myself. VideoPro has the nice property that you can hide tracks during editing and export. So, I double the left or right aligned text clips on separate tracks, and hide the non-wanted ones during the export. I found out that when I move the text four squares to the right or left, it is OK in the exported HD file. For your information I send you the link to the new portable project file and an export in HD. https://we.tl/t-Y03MihdOuT
  3. Thanks, borate, for your advice. I made a short test project with texts. I have sent the saved portable project folder and an exported HD file to WeTansfer. The link to the files is https://we.tl/t-Yq6blQ7m66 My VideoPad version is 8.32.
  4. When exporting videos originally in PAL SD format to HD 720, VideoPad does this perfectly on the part of the original video in letterbox mode. The video itself is exactly 960 x 720 pixels with black stripes on both sides. But when I add left or right aligned text, VideoPad moves the text so that the text is partially on the black stripe(s). Is there a way to avoid this? I could of course move the text fields to the right or left, but I also want to export the video in SD mode for viewing in PC.
  5. Thanks for your quick answers, Nationalsolo and borate. The actual reason for the problems was that I had moved the VideoPadCache folder to a separate drive. Why? My operation system disk was nearly full, and I had to move something away. This cache was enormous, so moving it helped a lot. A bit later I installed a new SSD and moved my documents there, freeing much space on OS disk. After having written my question I began pondering whether the reason for the problems might be the cache location change. I then noticed that in addition to the cache, VideoPad had also moved quite much else to the separate drive. When I moved the cache back under VideoPad folder on OS disk, everything was working well again.
  6. Recently, an odd behavior has begun to appear in editing. When I play the video in Sequence Preview, the red cursor jumps back for 0.5 - 1 s and repeats video and audio. This does not occur in the very beginning of the video, but a bit later , and very often. It also takes a very long time for VideoPad to start and close. The video is quite long, 1.5 hours, format 768 x 576 PAL video. Originally it has been captured from a Sony digital camcorder in AVI. Then it has been deinterlaced and converted to MP4 by HD Video Convert Factory Pro. VideoPad version is 8.32. Operating system is Windows 10. I have a quite capable PC, Intel i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM and 240 GB SSD, so this should not be a problem. Editing in this situation is very difficult, so I would be really thankful for help.
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