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  1. Thank you to both of you! The screenshot has worked before but for some reason it didn't work this time. I always have the "keep aspect ratio" ticked because it's easier. I ended up using split screen and it ended up being perfect! Thank you!
  2. Sometimes when I try to adjust the size or position of a photo, it gets all distorted. Is there some way to make it not do this?
  3. I have been using VideoPad to create virtual choirs for church and I think I am getting pretty good at it. I am having one problem though that I don't know how to fix. How do you convert your movie to an mp4 so that it looks exactly like what I created in Video Pad. It doesn't seem to matter how perfect I position all of the singers, once I convert it, they get squished together or overlap. The split screen tool is wonderful but in videoPad it is a square and the mp4 is a rectangle so they all get squished. There are a lot of choices when I convert, maybe I'm picking the wrong one? Help please!
  4. Ok, I've figured out how to get everyone everywhere. Now I need to know how to fix the colour. They are all faded and it isn't looking crisp. What am I doing wrong? I'd attach a picture to show you but I don't know how.
  5. Thank you everyone! I will do my best!
  6. I'm sorry but I am new to all of this technology so please be patient with me. I figured out how to scale them to the size I want. I don't know what the 4x4 matrix is and how to allocate each clip to a box in the matrix. Where's the matrix!?
  7. I am a church music director and I am putting together virtual choirs for the hymns and special music for our live stream services. I know how to make the individual videos smaller but is there some way to make them all the same size and line them up without just using my cursor. I would like them all to be in straight lines. Also, can I rearrange the tracks or bring tracks forward in case the overlap isn't what I want. I have included a youtube of one of my hymns so you can see what I mean. Thanks, Diana https://youtu.be/0TG7PX5khbY
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