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  1. Hello everyone, I just purchased the FastFox tool with support. But I wonder why I had to pay extra, as I can't find a support desk, and this forum seems to be free of charge. Anyway, I litterly spelled this page http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/fastfox/win/editkeystroke.html to find out how I can make a macro to save a powerpoint presentation. But I'm very confused with this page, as the examples have extra codes. My code is kbrd_input "\F12" kbrd_input "400plaatje" kbrd_input "\TAB" kbrd_input "j" kbrd_input "\ENTER" kbrd_input "\RIGHT" kbrd_input "\ENTER" which I'm using when my Powerpoint is open. When I'm done, I use Ctrl+Shift+F4 and this code will be activated (to save a Powerpoint slide as a JPG). This works well, but I want to change the folder where this JPG needs to be saved in. I've tried many things mentioned on the Help page (see URL) but I don't get it right. So, between the "j" and the \ENTER an extra code is needed, to save the file in D:\Temp. See a screenshot on https://i.postimg.cc/mZjgTr8G/Screenshot-7.jpg Who can help me find out what code I need? Thank you, and stay safe!
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