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  1. The version of Videopad I used to have before a had a new memory unit installed into my laptop let me import MIDI files straight into Videopad with no bother, yet this newer version wont let me. How come?
  2. I am using V 8.31 Edit: For some reason, it has started working now, I don't know why it wasn't before. Edit II: Is it possible to lock the preview window into a certain size? I don't want to have to resize it every time I start VP.
  3. Basically, I have installed multiple different typewriter fonts onto my laptop, due to the fact that the standard pre-loaded fonts are, frankly, pretty crap looking if you're trying to make an authentic typewriter effect. Yet, despite the installed fonts showing up in the font list, the text is not being displayed in any of the typewriter fonts upon selecting them, rather, they simply appear in a generic font, Arial, I think. Am I missing something here? Do I have to do something with the fonts in my VideoPad folder to get the text to actually take the form of it?
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